Road Course

CSCN - Road Course

Be a Race Car Driver for the day!

New! – We are renting out the road course this year for Saturday ONLY! If you are interested in carving some corners and testing your skills and your vehicle’s overall potential, make sure you plan on joining us on the track. We are offering all day passes or limited run (5 laps) passes. We are accepting pre-registrations with limited spaces available for all day passes.

In case of rain, please be sure to have a set of road tires (not slicks) on hand as the road course will run either way and slicks will not be allowed on a wet track.

This event is open to 4 wheel vehicles only (no motorcycles).  No open-wheeled vehicles, ATVs, golf carts, power wheels, dune buggies, semi-trucks, motorized shopping carts, hovercraft, tanks (imagine this one in your rear view),  etc…

We will be separating groups so we don’t overheat any vehicles or overload the track.  3 groups will be assembled for Day Passes and Limited Lap Passes will run all at once (limit 20 cars per session).

Day Pass (Limited quantities available) – $150.00 per person

We are pre-registering for this event.  Please contact Reon by phone (905-837-7700) or email (  Once you are registered, there are no refunds so please be sure that you will around for this event if you are registering.

Limited (5) laps – $50.00

This event does not require pre-registration.  If you’re at the track and decide you want to play with your handling, locate a staff member to get set up.

More information to follow….